What me govern?

What, me govern?

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Quotations from Chairman
George Dubya Bush ...

Chairman Dubya


Help spread the word - Americans who love their country need to speak out against the criminal acts of the Bush administration.

Patriots for the Impeachment of George Bush Bumper Sticker

(For those who can print their own bumper stickers, download the graphic file at no charge. Print as many stickers as you want and pass them out -- however, the copyright must not be removed and the bumper stickers must be distributed without charge.)

Meet the next Secretary of State -

Retired General "Adam Clayton Powell"

Colin Powell

GI JOE's Classic Collection's
Limited Edition
General Colin Powell...
(In Republican circles, a/k/a
General Adam Clayton Powell...
You know how all those coloreds look alike.)

And the Next Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Judge Frollo

Judge Frollo

And his hunchback servant

Justice Thomas

Judge Clarence Thomas

  Coming soon!

A Guide to EBushonics ®

  • Learn to speak like King George II!

  • Amaze friends by translating what el Presidente is saying!

  • Impress others with your abysmal ignorance!

  • Get a starring role in the remake of the movie Deliverance!

With the 10 easy steps in this guide, you too can master EBushonics ® without spending years abusing coke or alcohol!