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AUSTRALIAN LAWYER TO REPLACE MAD MAGAZINE'S MASCOT - After a half-century of devoted and hilarious service, Alfred E. Neuman, the beloved mascot of Mad Magazine, is stepping down. He will be replaced by Victor Zammit, the retired Solicitor of the Supreme Kangaroo Court of New South Wales and the High Kangaroo Court of Australia, who has been making thousands laugh with his hilarious defense of all things paranormal. Mr. Neuman first appeared for Mad in The Mad Reader, in November 1954. "After 50 years of loyal and zany service, Alfred just got tired and is looking for a pleasant retirement," says Lee Drinkwasser, the mascot's long-time agent. Taking his place, will be the likeness of Victor Zammit, who is best known for his hilarious web site in support of everything stupid under the sun, and over it too, An excellent review of Mr. Zammit's work by two insightful observers can be read here. Asked if he fears for the future of Mad Magazine now that its mascot is the toon from down under, Mr. Neuman replied, "What, me worry? You bet I do!"


PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN: "GREAT spirits have always encountered opposition from the mediocre minds of lawyers." The great Einstein wrote favorably about science and always spoke out against the tyranny of superstition and ignorance. Einstein to be included in the Hall of Fame.

REV. JIM JONES - One of the most psychically gifted spiritual leaders of the 20th century. Rev. Jones' miraculous healings drew a following of a thousand men, women, and children, with whom he founded the People's Temple, a utopian village in the jungles of Guyana. Rev. Jones often demonstrated his remarkable psi powers by performing psychic surgery. He was particularly loving of children. In 1978, Rev. Jim Jones and his followers were brutally massacred by skeptics, who wished to erase all evidence of Rev. Jones' extraordinary psychic powers. It is no coincidence that 1978 was also the year the international conspiracy of closed-minded debunkers organized CSICOP for the purpose of covering up all evidence of psychic phenomenon and the after-life (life after death).

PROFESSOR IAN STEVENSON - one of the greatest psi empiricists in history who revolutionized perception on the Easter Bunny, rebirth and reincarnation. His highly professional and brilliant empirical research into children's past lives was critical in persuading millions around the world about advanced psychic research methodology and reincarnation type research. "Either Dr. Stevenson is making a colossal mistake, or he will be known as the Galileo of the 20th century" stated Dr Harold Lief in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. With the ending of the 20th century, we now know Galileo's reputation is safe.

Charles Milles Manson - a truly gifted spiritual leader who was framed for murder by a conspiracy of debunking skeptics who sought to discredit reports of his psychic healings. Numerous witnesses have testified that they saw Charlie raise dead birds and other animals badk to life with his breath. In the twisted closed-minds of debunking skeptics, such power and proof of the afterlife (life after death) had to be covered up. They framed him and several of his followers for the murders of Sharon Tate and the La Biancas, even though numerous witnesses have testified that they've seen Tate and the La Biancas alive and well hiding in Buenos Aires. (See Weekly World News. April 31, 1989, p. 31-3)

DR HAROLD PUTZOFF, physicist, is currently the Director of the Institute for Psilly Putty Studies in Crawford, Texas, a position held for more than 52 years. He has made significant contribution towards establishing empirically the validity of psi - especially for the CIA and military intelligence, where he was chief of oxymorons. Dr. Putzoff also served several years as the Director of Minor Illusions at Disneyland. As a theoretical and experimental kook he has worked in the areas of fundamental electrodynamics, Electrolux vacuum states, gravitation, cosmetics, and high priced microelectronics.

PHYSICIST RUSSELL TUG - describes remote peeping he had conducted with sponsorship from the CIA and military intelligence establishment. He presents graphic illustrations of the tests that persuaded the government to fund this research. He describes his own personal experiences as a remote peeping tom and explains that remote peeping, or free-response clairvoyance, is probably the single most successful research approach in parapornography or parapsychology. Dr. Tug suggests that the mind itself reaches to the far ends of the universe and it is this "non-local" quality, rather than any particular mechanism, that accounts for the remarkable baloney of parapsychology. There are implications for life after death. Russell Tug is co-founder of the government sponsored remote peeping research program at SRI International. He is co-author of The Mindless Race, Mindless At Large, Mindless Reach and Miracles of the Mindless. He is currently on sabbatical in the Andromeda Galaxy through 2006.

SHOKO ASAHARA -- Founder and Spiritual leader of the Aum Shinrikyo movement. His Holiness Asahara founded this great movement in Japan in 1987. The Sanskrit word "Aum" means "powers of destruction and creation in the universe" and "Shinrikyo" means "teaching of the supreme truth." Shoko Asahara Among Shoko Asahara's teachings is the imminence of the end of the world, when the United States initiates Armageddon by starting World War III with Japan. Through his Spiritual guidance, the world would be recreated using both magic powers and science. Another important Aum teaching is the doctrine of "poa," which holds that under some circumstances, homicide can spiritually elevate killers and their victims. This teaching led to a number of unfortunate events and accidents that have been badly misunderstood. Following some accidental chemical spills in the Tokyo subway by Aum followers, the materialistic leaders of the Japanese government began suppressing Aum Shinrikyo and arrested its Spiritual founder and other Aum leaders. Other equally spurious charges of murder and mayhem were brought against them. Through incredible and obscene injustice, Asahara and several others are now facing the death sentence. Most open-minded people understand that a few dozen deaths and thousands of injuries caused by those unfortunate incidents are nothing compared with the spiritual enlightenment and hope that Shoko Asahraha has brought to the world. I urge everyone to write the Japanese ambassador in their respective country and urge the Japanese government to stop harassing this spiritual group and immediately free its holy leader.

SIR WILLIAM BARRET, another great early British scientist investigated and accepted the afterlife - life after death, "I am absolutely convinced of the fact that those who once lived on earth can and do communicate with us," he wrote. Oddly enough, the great scientist has remained absolutely silent since passing on more than 80 years ago.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, one of the greatest American Presidents took part in psychic séances at the White House. The evidence is NOT in dispute. The only thing that is disputed is why his wife's favourite medium told them it was safe to go to the theatre that night.

TERRORISTS, NATIONAL SECURITY & PSYCHIC INVESTIGATION: what you will read in my article is NOT fiction, NOT fantasy, NOT make believe. Just made up stuff like what's on this web page.Read more…

SYLVIA BROWNE the life after death medium - closed-minded skeptic Zwinge Randi keeps poking fun at every week is the same medium I advised NOT to be tested by Zwinge Randi. This is because my investigations show that Zwinge Randi is NOT genuine, his offer is absolute rubbish and she would be set up to fail the test. Go peddle your rubbish somewhere else Zwinge Randi - leave Slyvia alone. Dear Sylvie, sweetheart, I'm telling you this because I know your ability to see the future is no better than mine. So don't take Zwinge's bait - you can't possibly win. Love, Dammie

David Berkowitz - is a sensitive psychic, most noted for his ability to hear voices of spirits that posessed neighborhood dogs and people. His ability to hear and act on these voices made newspaper headlines in the 1970s and has earned him a distinguished place in Victor Dammit's Hall of Fame.

The Indubitable Duarfa -- Definitely one of the most gifted psychics I have ever heard give readings. Some years ago, he was a guest on WGN-Radio's talk show, Extension 720, in Chicago, where callers all stated that his readings were 100% accurate. To hear two of those most remarkable readings: Listen.


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SCIENTIFIC STUDIES IN LIFE AFTER DEATH - Why were you not told about this evidence? This objective evidence has not been rebutted by any scientist - or anybody else in eight years on the Net. Click on THE BOOK top right>>

WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE? (Updated version) Click THE BOOK top right then drop dead. >>


January 31, 2008.

[Elvis Presley please contact me a.s.a.p. re your current address.]


for any delay in replying to emails.

NEWSLETTER: I am still inundated with very urgent work. Patients -but thanks to all who indicated that they would be interested in joining my mailing list for a free subscription newsletter. If you'd like to join please email The response has been bigger than expected. So far six people have expressed strong interest. I will soon be emailing you how much the free subscription will cost. Thank you for your patients. Victor

Most interesting Past Report Archives


‘PROVING THE NEGATIVE.’ Skeptical dummies show they have swallowed hook line and slinker the 'proving the negative' propaganda without understanding it! The UNINFORMED materialists have NOT obtained legal advice from an expert litigation lawyer such as myself about this very important statement: there is NO such thing as ‘proving the negative’ regarding the afterlife evidence! Why not? This is because in professional debate the plaintiff lawyer presents the evidence for the afterlife by way of TWENTY TWO areas of afterlife evidence - positively expressly - stated in my BOOK (click) top right. Then go to CONTENTS where you will see chapters and chapters of different areas of evidence: on EVP, ITC, Mediuship, Meterializations, tooth fairies, leprachans, Quntum Physics, and cow tipping. In professional debate, these TWENTY TWO areas of evidence MUST BE REBUTTED by the defendant attorney. If these areas of afterlife (life after death) evidence are not rebutted, in professional debate, the evidence remains VALID. That has been, and still is the situation for the last EIGHT YEARS! Inevitably, we are on the winning side! Today, the afterlife! Tomorrow the world!

ARE ORGAN TRANSPLANTS METAPHYSICALLY CONTRAINDICATED? Donating one's organs to those in need of them certainly seems like a spiritual act -- one of kindness, of all giving and no taking, of human love and service, of caring, good will, and benevolence, of genuine unselfishness and brotherly love. However, there have been warnings that it might be spiritually harmful for both the donor and recipient. At issue is whether the consciousness actually leaves the body at the moment brain wave activity and vital functions cease or whether it lingers for hours or even several days. Also, there are indications that premature removal of organs can result in possession of the recipient by the donor, causing the donor to be "earthbound" and the recipient to be negatively influenced. It is therefore my sound legal and metaphysical opinion that no one should ever agree to donate their organs or the organs of a loved one. What good is saving someone's life if you lose your soul or the soul of a loved one?

A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE - the hard copy of the book by Victor Dammit is now on sale. The presentation of the evidence that would be legally admissible in the highest courts is done in mangled English. Guaranteed to expand your world perception and make you understand that unconsciousness survives physical death. See right column.

Heaven Located By Hubble! NASA
Telescope catches first glimpse of Heaven
The brilliant professor of astrophysics, Dr. Vincent Praducci at John F. Kennedy University in the U.S. has announced the most important astronomical discovery of all time, past and present. Upon careful study of a recent deep space survey of the first galaxies to form in the universe, the brilliant scientist discovered what appears to be a crucifix-shaped galaxy located near the edge of the universe. He is scientifically certain that this is Heaven's location - where the Creator dwells and possibly where the good among us go after we shed our mortal coil. Click Heaven to see a larger image of this most brilliant discovery.

COMMENTARY: A cowardly, closed-minded, materialist associate professor lowering university standards at the University of Minnesota Morris: This Associate Professor shows he’s too cowardly to rebut the empirical evidence for the afterlife. His attempt to attack me also shows that this Myers hasn't the intellect to rebut my admissible psi empirical evidence. Otherwise he would have rebutted the evidence. It also shows that he knows the evidence cannot be rebutted, otherwise he would have tried to rebut it. Evidence of his cowardice and evidence of the afterlife (life after death).Read full article:

A REMINDER: A LAWYER’S WAY: my professional training as a lawyer taught me that in ALL circumstances, without exception, NEVER to believe anyone, anywhere, anytime and anyplace unless I am presented with irrefutable, hard core evidence that what is being stated and expressed can be independently substantiated. This is the kind of admissible evidence I have presented in my book.

: my afterlife evidence is not just a summary of the available evidence but a LEGAL presentation of the evidence. The presentation of the admissible evidence is done in plain English but in a legally admissible way. Therefore rejection or criticism of this information is clearly a violation of the law. Such violations will be prosecuted, in the afterlife, if not here and now. Second Draft

Perdue Chicken Founder Plagued by Poultrygeists: Frank Perdue, the founder of the giant chicken company, was a devout believer in the afterlife (life after death). Perdue, who died earlier this year, also believed in poultrygeists. Perdue was haunted incessantly by the spirits of millions of chickens his company slaughtered each year. “I haven’t had a good night sleep in years,” he told a Pravda RU reporter in 2004. “It’s impossible to sleep with all that clucking and all that scratching and all that pecking at my eyeballs. I tell you, if this keeps up I’m going to have to call in an eggsorcist.” Since his death, many visitors to the Perdue family farm in Maryland report hearing strange noises that sound like scratching and clucking and a few say they saw white, headless ghostly things scurry past their feet. Positive evidence of the afterlife (life after death).

WHEN AN UNINFORMED MATERALIST ANDY SKUNKNIK ATTACKS BRILLIANT AND LEARNED VICTOR DAMMIT: What does some uninformed materialist Goofy Andy Skunknick (pictured) do in great despair and misery when he finds that he cannot rebut the objective evidence for the afterlife? When he fails the million dollar challenge. When he is unable to take on the half a million dollar challenge to duplicate what we do in our experiments every Sunday night? He throws mud at someone who represents a formidable force, who has shown his evidence is irrebutable and irrefutable and cannot be made nugatory. He might say, ' well you know, satire is not illegal.’ But what this uninformed loser and defeatist thinks satire is and what the law says are totally different. I know because I am a lawyer of impecable reputation, both here and on the astral level. For example, in Australia, the right to satirize is NOT automatically defended by law. Indeed, satire may be punished by imprisonment and in extreme cases by death. Each case has to be decided on merit to see if in fact there is malice within the satire. Precedents show that in some cases malice was proved in satirical attacks. The only satire permitted by law is respectful satire that is loving and praiseful towards the subject of satire. Even if the issue is not clear-cut a person of substance can serve you with documents, force you to spend hundreds of thousands on a defence and then withdraw before the hearing. Specialist in higher litigation I know have done this in the past - they can stay an inch above vexacious litigation. BUT NOTE CAREFULLY: what came to me through a medium is that that this sad little nobody called Skunkick has mental problems and likes to wear his mother's panties. I say we should let him work out his psychiatric problems as he gets deeper and deeper in trouble and despair. Leave him alone. He’s attracted enough negative energy to last him more than this lifetime.

Zwinge Randi’s Gang Commits Crimes Against Brazilian Skeptic: The criminal, materialist charlatan Zwinge Randi and his gang of materialst thugs have humiliated, disgraced, violated, and committed unspeakable criminal acts against a Brazilian skeptic of world renown. Please read Vitor Julio Moura Siqueira's appeal and help him by spreading the word:

Dear Sirs,
This is to inform you of the poor standards of the disorganized skeptic movement regarding human rights. In the James Randi forum, the one that is now the Executive Director of the CSMMH (Committee for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health), Andrew Skolnick, is allowed freely by the moderator to offend people at will, offend renowned medical institutions in Latin America, offend sleazy tabloids in Russia, and to make explicit suggestions that another forum member (me!) may be the Roman God Saturn and that I eat my own children. Further, this moderator (Sarat) joined Skolnick in unfair charges against me, violating the forum membership rules, violating my rights as a human being, and saying that I have a two faced behaviour. As a result of my complaints against this biased moderation, absolutely nothing was done to Skolnick, who keeps with his personal vendetta against me and others, helped by Sarat, and the Forum decided to suspend me for three days.
Since this is an issue that clearly represents the present day condition of the disorganized skeptic movement, I send to you all below a copy of my latest complaint agains this hideous criminal actions, still in hope that the other moderators will undertand the gravity of the situation. All that I want is that they politely ask Mr. Skolnick to refrain a little his uncivilized actions against so many people.
Surprisingly enough, all this is because I simply do not agree with Skolnick's opinions about his test with Russian Psychic Natasha Badenov.
Best Regards,
Vitor Julio Moura Siqueira,
Microbiologist (never employed)

To All Moderators of the James Randi Educational Foundation forum:

What is going on in the thread The Girl with "X-ray" vision is utterly unacceptable. JREF
Sarat decided to throw in the trash the Membership Agreement rules and he used his private rules to suspend me for three days when actually I violated no such rules. Yet he is allowing Skolnick (even AFTER my suspension) to repeatedly do things far worse than what I did in my message (which actually had nothing bad in it).
Sarat allowed Skolnick to offend my family, to repeatedly offend me. I am feeling disgusted at this inhumane situation. I am a human being. I am not an animal. I respect people and I have always respected this moderator Sarat. I demand the respect that I deserve and the respect that I give to others. Skolnick should have been cast into Hell for his suggestion that I believe I’m the Roman God Saturn that ate his own children. I am feeling little interest in keeping taking part in this forum. I hope the others moderators (besides Sarat) show some courage and honor and adress this issue the way it should be addressed.
Even though I have been severely hurt, tormented, and humiliated by the wrong doings of the organized skeptic movement before, I keep very rational and balanced texts commenting on it. Despite my being harsh with sloppy instances of pseudoskepticism, I highly support the organized skeptic movement. This can be fully attested by people who Skolnick trust, like the skeptic Kentaru Nori from Japan (which Skolnick can easily contact). Also Victor Dammit, one of the world’s most acknowledged true skeptics.
I am beginning to believe that I may have been mistaken in my positive evaluation of this movement.
So, if you all have any serious interest in this movement that you claim to be members of, I kindly request serious attention to this issue.
Vitor Julio Moura Siqueira, M.S.
Microbiologist (never employed)

P.S.: this will be sent to as many moderators as possible, and to the JREF main contact email as well, and also to other people.

Dear Sirs,

As a result of this email below, the JREF forum decided to ban me. This is utter proof of complete lack of respect for human rights from the part of those who claim to be skeptics in JREF forum, and yet they allow people like Skolnick to offend and verbally molest me, to offend my family (with sexual suggestions unacceptable to them), and to offend highly respectable Latin American institutions, Japanese scientists, and the Japanese national monster, Godzilla. Skolnick continues there with his offenses to whomever he wishes to, with the help of the feeble minded one named (or nicknamed) Sarat.
What are we to expect from people like this?
It is important to stress that this is not skepticism, and this is not the skeptic movement. I have had contact with many skeptics and with many groups of skeptics both in my home land (Brazil) and abroad (US and UK) who in no way would ever allow this kind of absurdity. This criminal conduct is a feature that, as far as I know, is only present in the JREF forum.
Vitor Julio Moura Siqueira, M.S.,
Microbiologist (never employed)

matter will not go away! Remember some time ago there was a huge angry reaction when two experimenters, Profs Wineman and Heman (from 'psicop'- otherwise known as The Debunkers' Association), molested and cheated innocent young Natasha in a test of her proven ability as a medical intuitive. They willfully negatively manipulated the experiment in every possible way so that the negative results would be consistent with their own negative bias. They lied to her and violated fundamental rights she had to ensure negative results. Decent scientists, including Ig Nobel Prize winner Prof Brian Josephsen and unemployable lawyers like me wrote about how the Debunkers Association (csicop) ambushed and violated Natasha Demkina. These two negative empiricists descended like Klansmen to the sewer level by their cheating and violation of professional ethics. The audacity, the effrontery and the unmitigated unconscionability in defaming a highly gifted psychic medical intuitive! This will go down in history as the greatest betrayal, greatest cheat, and greatest civil rights violation ever conducted by the Godless Debunkers Association (csicop) - and one day they will pay the price for their foul dirty work. Guaranteed! I still have people in rage writing about The Debunkers' Association dirty work. Read this article - a most incisive article - by Aaron Kookis a professional computer engineer and certified crackpot like me.  

A LAWYER REBUTS THE NEW SCIENTIST JOURNAL’S ANTI-PSYCHIC ARTICLE. The very highly restrictive, highly esoteric and highly unreadable ANTI-PSYCHIC journal ‘New Scientist’ in July 2005 had a feature attacking mediumship, clairvoyance and psychics generally. It is one of the most highly unscientific pieces of highly deceptive and highly malicious writing I have ever seen in my life I go further: it is absolute rubbish, absolute amateurish! In professional debate the asserter has to prove. In this willfully dirty, obscene, highly blasphemous and dishonest article, written either by an amateur writer or by a someone instructed to be highly negative, we are NEVER given any substance, not given proper, legitimate references, not given any objective evidence at all. The writer knowingly omits to mention the empirically validated psychic experiments by some of the world’s most highly credible empiricists and scientists. We are referred to some anti-paranormal British psychologist who in my opinion and the opinion of a number of professionals does NOT have any credibility at all when testing psychics. We have seen this professor’s dirty work how he exploited, how he willfully misled and violated professional ethics to maliciously cheat, lie and to dirty the name of a highly gifted teenage medical intuitive NATASHA BADENOV. Not only did he rape this innocent young girl but subjected her to a Ku Klux Klan style lynching. See below items dealing with Natasha Badenov. Read more

AMAZING PUPPY CHANNELS THE DEAD -- Argos - or "Argie" as his friends and family like to call him - is a most remarkable young puppy in Amherst, New York, who is bringing joy and comfort to many who have lost a beloved pet. By slipping into a trance, Argie is able to communicate with a dog or cat or even hamsters and goldfish that have crossed over. Through barks and whimpers, licks and tail wagging, Argie channels messages from departed pets to the grieving people who loved them when they were on this side. MORE

BRAIN/MIND EVIDENCE: A most interesting article which supports the brain is separate from the mind, and not even needed for intelligence, is to be found in Richard Milton's website ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE. The article Is your brain really necessary?In my case, certainly not.

THE AFTERLIFE: This week in Sydney a highly controversial once high profile multi-millionaire stockbroker, Rene Rivkin, committed suicide at the age of 60 years. He did not except the afterlife and obviously had not done any investigating. You may be a bigshot, billionare or in computers or you may be a prostitute or a politician, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, a leading lawyer like me, a stockbroker or a physicist, or psychologist, teacher, office worker, academic, a brick layer, a house painter, a professional wrasseler, a chicken farmer, or a car mechanic, lion tamer, or seemstress, bartender, or judge; you may be a priest, or a rabbi, or a ministor, a sails professional or a humble manualworker, nurse, babysitter, or traffic cop; you may be short or tall, skinny or fat, young or old, deaf or blind; you may be religious or irreligious; or the average desent person. You may be a terorist, an honest or a crooked spook, or an honest or a corupt cop or you may be an evil doer or a closed minded skeptic, materialist, debunker but whatever you maybe, ALTIMATELY you and I - we all have to INEVITABLY cross over, kick the bucket, buy the farm, feed the worms-- we all have to DIE! Do yourself a huge favor and start investigating now. Read with an open mind the empirically validated evidence for the afterlife and what happens when you die in my Pulitzer prize-worthy Book- top right.

THE FARCES OF DARKNESS: to the low-life defacer and defamer of my website: As a point of order, I do NOT threaten anyone. In Australia your gratuitous conduct technically constitutes a transgression punishable by public flogging, disfigurement, or death. In The D. J. case the High Court of Australia said that even if someone in New Jersey humiliates me on the Internet they will be liable in Sydney - even if the offending statements are not a transgression in New Jersey. The longer you leave the defaced website up the greater the damages. And I have several options to deal with the matter. But the real problem for you will be my supporters on the East Coast who would want to take independent action without my approval for your stupid malicious conduct. I told them to forget it for now - he's nothing - but a malicious piece of shidiocy who is not worth the price of a bullet or the time to break his legs. Nonetheless, police officers are telling me that guys like you have been blasted for much less than what you did. All offenders will sooner or later pay the price - their negativity and their violence will boomerang - even if it takes many years. Skulnuts, I reiterate, it is not considered what you originated as 'lampooning' or ‘satirical’ and for the record, I have to request you again, remove the transgression material forthwith. Get a decent life or my supporters -- without my knowledge or consent mind you -- will take you down. If you knew who my supporters are, you'd shit in your pants. Sincerly, Dammit!

"Remember! Just because a psychic is caught cheating doesn't mean that the psychic always cheats. Catching a bird walking doesn't mean it can't fly" -- Victor Dammit

WHAT DO YOU SAY? Relax, enjoy and read this easily and carefully. Imagine that someone who is NOT a scientist is trying to convince you about his personal beliefs. This person knows NOTHING about scientific method, NEVER wrote anything in scientific journals, NEVER even won a McArthur "Genus Award" Fellowship. This person is a cretin and a degenerate. He drags his knuckles on the ground like an ape when he walks. Even though he doesn't believe in God, he goes to church regularly to steal from the contribution plate. He puts razor blades in apples that he hands out to children on Halloween. This person attacks the gifted mediums, attacks the famous, attacks the charismatics, attacks the successful, attacks the empiricists who have objectively demonstrated the validity of psychic phenomena and the evidence for the afterlife. This person goes begging for money from the public so that he can shout, scream, use unacceptable dirty language to be uncouth, grubby, insulting, offensive, insolent, and use big words that I can never understand. He angrily beats his servants whenever gifted psychics make this closed minded debunking skeptic materialist look absolutely stupid. He wets himself because he's too lazy to go to the bathroom. He never changes his socks or underwear. He drools in his sleep and has the breath of a warthog. He cheats and lies to try to con the public about his unsubstantiated belief in nothingness. This hypocrite who has NOT rebutted the objective evidence for the afterlife has the audacity and the impudence to attack the gifted medium Allison Dubois!! What do you say to this uninformed dogmatic ‘know all’ demagogue? His name is not important to any of us but his objections and attacks are typical of the closed minded debunking skeptics. Besides, I never print the name of people I defame because as a lawyer, I know at least enough not to do that.

Message from God! -- Last night I received a message from God, Who asked that I report it here. First, He blessed me and told me he regularly reads this web site. He told me that He greatly appreciates all the work I've been doing. He wants me to continue finding and reporting the truth here and fighting the materialists of the world, for He will not be merciful to them when they pass over. And most of all, He wanted me to tell you how important it is to Him that everyone reads my reports here every week. God blesses you all -- Victor

BRILLIANT RESULTS FROM MEDIUM BLANCHE DUBOIS: Read for yourself the front page headlines in a mainstream ARIZONA DAILY STAR newspaper about the positive results attained by highly gifted medium BLANCHE DUBOIS. Strict scientific methodology was applied and each time Blanche came up stunning information. Some of the world’s most notorious closed minded skeptic/debunkers stated Blanche could not be right otherwise, she would make them look absolutely stupid. As Blanche states, "I know I fib a good deal. After all, a woman's charm is 50% illusion. I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people. I do misrepresent things. I don't tell the truth. I tell what ought to be truth."

Thanks are due to Garrit Prigs for his wonderful service in inscribing the entire book onto a pair of wooden shoes (next column). The first 13 Chapters are now ready in sizes 5-12.

LIFE IN A WORLD UNSEEN: the book: a must read before you cross over. Transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson from the other side - once a Catholic priest, now a parasitic worm in the intestine of a hippopotamus living along the banks of the lower Nile in southern Egypt.

PEDOPHILES BEGGING FOR MONEY? I received a number of complaints claiming that there are a couple of flamboyant closed minded debunking materialist skeptics begging for money from the unsuspecting public when there is no guarantee the donors of the hard earned cash are receiving empirically based evidence. Those who complain describe a debunking skeptic as a ‘pedophile’ but that is something which is independent to the propagation of empirically based information to assist people to understand what truth is all about and how to make distinctions between beliefs and empirically based evidence. But I’m sure it’s true and if it is true the pedophile will have NO CREDIBILITY at all and people should NOT be sending money to anyone who does NOT have credibility. Instead, they should be tracking him down and burning his house down. There could also be fraud and tricks played upon the American and other people by those who have no credibility or by those trained in deception, fraud and trickery, who molest their children and commit other disgusting crimes.

THE GENIUS OF SHAKESPEARE! -- Perhaps the greatest writer who ever lived here among us on planet earth accepted the existence of ghosts, evil witches, life after death, and fairies who can turn men into donkeys. Today, law schools have mostly replaced fairies, one of which made me into the jackass I am today.

I said before that orthodox scientists and surgeons before 1912 threw their surgical tools to the ground and put dirt on them to try to ridicule Dr. Joseph Lister's findings about infection by germs. I am being viciously attacked by a lying and immoral journalist named Andrew Skulnuck, who is arguing that Dr. Lister's antiseptic surgery principles were widely embraced 30 to 40 years before that year and that Dr. Lister was greatly honored and even made a Baronet in 1883 for his contributions to antiseptic medicine. I stand by the truth of my statement, which like everything I say transcends the materialistic nature of dates and facts. I am not to blame if closed-minded materialists like Skulnuck are unable to see past their narrow-minded noses to see transcendental truths.

SYLVESTER STALLONE'S MOTHER -- Jacqueline Stallone has revived the ancient art of Rumpology -- the reading of a person's past, present, and future by interpreting the lines, crevices, and folds of their asses. This highly renowned astrologer and mother of movie star Sylvester Stallone has brought back from obscurity this powerful technique for forecasting a person's future -- as once practiced by the anicent Greeks and Romans. I have it from the most highly credible sources that a person's Akashic record is written on their backsides. Mrs. Stallone is inviting all open minded people to send a close-up picture of their backsides at least 800 pixels wide (See her examples of Hollywood asses.) along with the online order form and payment of $125, to discover what can be learned from an ass.

DISGUSTING HATEMAIL RECEIVED FROM MICKEY MOUSE SKUNKNICK -- I just received this outrageous taunt from that perverter of science, that child ambusher and terrorist, Skunknick:

Mr. Dammit,
Nearly six months ago, you threatened me with serious consequences if I didn't stop satirizing your Web site. You also publicly announced an investigation into what you said were my "fraudulent" activities. Have you made any progress in stopping the lampooning of your Web site or in backing up your defamatory charges?
- Andrew Skolnick

This unballanced juvenile may be laughing now, but he won't be laughing when it's time to pay the piper. -- Dammit

MORE DRAMATIC INFORMATION ON HOW NATASHA BADENOV WAS AMBUSHED: A statistician emailed me this week stating that the experimenters in the Natasha case abused their position by claiming failure when Natasha's results are 'statistically significant'. He points out that Natasha only had to obtain 6 out of 7 for a perfect score- she obtained 5 out of 6. Explanation next week because my spirit advisor wants me to limit the number of lies I tell to under 1000 each week and I already went over by three in just the last sentence.

IS CAPITAL PUNISHMENT EVER JUSTIFIED? Scott Peterson to be sent to the afterlife? In the U.S. the jury in the Peterson trial is recommending the death penalty for Scott Peterson who maybe allegedly murdered his pregnant wife Laci. Sending Scott to the afterlife may satisfy those unaware of the consequences of capital punishment. We are informed from unimpeachably highly credible sources that sending Scott to the afterlife could be just transferring the problem into a different dimension. There Scott (and anybody else) has the potential to cause most serious mischief hanging around the Astral level, visiting old haunts, sneaking up behind people and placing a cold ectoplasmic hand on their neck, and inciting others still alive to commit crimes. If he’s guilty, as the jury seems to think, it is better to make life difficult for him as a learning experience. So I urge them instead to commit Scott to the cell next to mine so that he is forced night and day to listen to my endless drivel about the afterlife (life after death). We are informed from highly credible sources that that would be a fate worst then death.

TSUNAMI TRAGEDY/POL POT COMPARISON: Some 225,000 (latest figure) thousand died without warning in this unforeseen tragedy, despite the thousands of highly talented psychics throughout the world who predict such events. Ever wondered why when over ONE MILLION people- four times the amount of the Tsunami victims - were butchered and slaughtered by the communist Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge regime, trying to convert Thailand into a communist state, there were very few reports of the million people who were cruelly murdered for a stupid idea which was absolutely outdated. The mind boggles how masses of people, either through natural disasters or through wilful slaughter or through sudden illness, find themselves in the afterlife without any preparation whatsoever. I don't know what this proves but I love to write deep philosophical thoughts.

KEEP IT UP -- I just received email from that Mickey Mouse defacer of my web site. He's mocking me again for pontificating on subjects I know nothing about. He says that the Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge regime slaughter took place in Cambodia, not Thailand. Once again I remind him that what I write is transcendental. The truths I write transcend the close-minded facts that enslave him and his fellow materialists. And I remind him again that if he continues with this harassment, he will be paid a most unpleasant visit by my supporters from New Jersey, without my knowledge or consent of course.

MORE SCANDALS BEING UNEARTHED IN THE BOTCHED NATASHA BADENOV EXPERIMENT: a major planner of the experiment was described as a 'Doctor' by the narrator of the television documentary of the experiment. Records show that he is not a medical doctor, not a doctor of philosophy, not a scientist and not an objective empiricist. He only worked for nearly a decade as an associate editor at the Journal of the American Medical Association, a little-known, peer-reviewed publication that has nothing to do with medical research or scholarship. Why the cheating and the lying? Why the misrepresentation? Why do I spew so many personal attacks and innuendos? Why? To protect the name and reputation of gifted psychics like Natasha Badenov. That's why.

A. SKUNK-NICK & ‘MICKEY MOUSE TERRORISM’: a malicious vandal, a 'defacer' using toilet humor to try to amuse.Is this the best what CSICOP (ANTI-psychic group) can do to try to intelligently rebut charges of irregularities? A. Skunknick appears to be trying to parody and DEFACE my website on behalf of debunking skeptics the way vandals drew devil horns on pictures of Adolph Hitler. A. Skunknick's toilet humor will amuse the lowly intelligent. His idiocy shows huge frustration of someone who does not have the vocabulary or intelligence to rebut any of the charges of fraud against himself and CSICOP's debunking skeptics. Obviously he’s suffering from huge penis envy. He does not have the vocabulary or intelligence to rebut any of the charges of fraud against himself and his debunking skeptics. Is this the best that CSICOP can do- sending an unbalanced juvenile to do a man's job? The ONLY way this debunker can score a point is by CHEATING or malicious damage! Now, the deal is this: unless this Skinkdick gets rid of the defacing of my website forthwith my colleagues will be setting up two permanent websites. He can tell his friends that thanks to his humor one will target CSICOP AND its senior members and another his friend Zwinge James Randi. Both will be legitimate but harsh and criticism will be pushed to its extreme.

BY POPULAR DEMAND: WHY NATASHA BADENOV CAN SUE THE DEBUNKERS WHO AMBUSED HER: NATASHA CAN SUE these negative, debunking skeptics for some $2 to $5 million (from last week- see archives 15th Oct. 04) Why? Natasha Badenov among other things, can claim malicious fraud; cheating; willful misrepresentations to endeavor to destroy her good name and reputation as a gifted psychic: Close content analysis of what the debunking skeptics did to Natasha on the Discovery Channel program shows that throughout the show there were continuous 'illegalities', 'illegitimacies' and negativity being heaped onto Natasha. She was willfully misled, exploited and cheated to intentionally bring her into disrepute. Listening attentively to the show as a whole, it was seen and heard that there was continuous direct and indirect bombardment - and imputations - that Natasha is likely to be: a fraud, a hoax, incompetent and unskilled, not what she claims to be, deceptive, one who cheats and lies, takes money under false pretences, superstitious, not to be trusted, devious, deceitful, dishonest and conniving and that the planners of the experiment had a duty to expose her. Also, if you play the video tape backwards and listen carefully, you can here other mocking comments and defamations, such as, "she's a big fat booger," "what a doody-head," and "nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!" Conduct shows the experimenters tried to bring Natasha into international disrepute. This is so the public will never trust her again and that her good name, excellent reputation and character will be permanently destroyed. Now read on ...the legal material for the layperson which hitherto has NOT been rebutted, only spoofed, -- quite hilariously, I might add.

THE RUSSIAN PSYCHIC WONDER A SENSATION! As I stated last week, Natasha Badenov with extra sensory N-Ray perception sent the debunkers underground!!! ALL scientists and doctors who investigated her say she's a genuine psychic! Debunking skeptics are too timid to take her on, too cowardly for that Florida debunker to investigate - he's disappeared from the scene naturally enough and she's too overwhelming for any debunker from anywhere around the world to test her- see this most important psychic below.

PSYCHICS ADVISORY COUNCIL: Because of the ambush of the gifted Russian teenage psychic Natasha Badenov, a Psychics' Advisory Council is being organized. ANY gifted psychic will be able to use the services of P.A.C. so that he/she will not be exploited and misled by bullies who make a living out of destroying gifted psychics. Of course, if she was a genuine gifted psychic, she wouldn't need the help of a Psychics Advisory Council to protect her from being misled. But how many real gifted psychics are there? You can count them on a snake's hands, that's how many. More about the P.A.C. to come.

CSICOP - (a debunking skeptics' group): a couple of people wrote to me that I am against CSICOP. No, I am NOT against CSICOP. It only seems that way because I'm always right and they're a bunch of assassins, terrorists, rapists and baby killers. I am NOT against debunking skeptics - I think everybody should have some for kindling barn fires. They are against irrationality, against blind stubbornness, against cheating and lying. Superstition and theology dominated the world for some sixteen centuries purely by religious bullying. If it was good enough for sixteen centuries, it should be good enough for us here and now.

NATASHA SCORES 5 OUT OF 7. WINS THE CHALLENGE: When Natasha Badenov is properly advised she would not concede that she attained only 4/7. Since at least one additional hit is in dispute there has to be a presumption that Natasha was right regarding the issue of the appendix scar. THE 'PRESUMPTION OF DOMINANCE' and 'UNDUE INFLUENCE' reverses the onus with the anus, which was hidden by the scar. Now that onus of the anus was a bonus she had shown us in addition to the lady with the tummy with the scar. The experimenter willfully failed to show Natasha the medical record of the subject to compare it with what she stated about the scar on the subject. Accordingly Natasha can legitimately claim she scored FIVE out of SEVEN - to beat the debunkers. And I'm helping to organize a mob of bat wielding psychics to help her.

Scientists in the U.S. confirm the validity of psychic phenomenon telekinesis- moving of solid objects by using the mind - see Mitchell 1974, Tug and Putzoff, 1977, Nash 1978, Radin 1997, Tart et al 2002. This week a paper authored by Dr Eric Beavis of Las Vegas Nevada, on teleportation has attracted a predicable outcry from closed-minded media commentators whose boggle-thresholds have been challenged. Time will tell whether Beavis' paper has any validity but I already know it does because I'm a lawyer and lawyers are better at science than scientists (see below). Dr. Beavis is already negotiating to build teleportation devices in the larger casino hotels in Las Vegas, which will greatly reduce the cost and travelling time for tourists and out-of-state gamblers. Dr. Beavis is spot on when he writes: "The debate among scientists and scientific philosophers is highly charged at times, and becomes acrimonious to the point where reputable scientists cease being impartial by refusing to examine the experimental data or theories, and they prefer to bypass rational discourse by engaging in ad hominem attacks and irrational "armchair" arguments." I like that. Because that's what I do. You see, I'm a lawyer and when I don't have the facts on my side, I pound the law. When I don't have the law on my side, I pound the facts. When neither are on my side, I pound the table. Because I'm a lawyer. And I'll sue you for $3-5 million dollars if you disagree with me.

ATTACK OF THE MEDIA SKEPTICS-Naturally debunkers try to discredit the vast number of experiments carried out on Paladino and in 1992 negatively entrenched in vileness Richard Wisemen wrote an article attacking three members of the Society for Psychical Research: the Hon Everhard Feilsgood, Mr. Bilbo Baggally and Mr. Rearward Carrington who wrote a report confirming her psychic gifts. Wisemen's attacks were brilliantly rebutted by far more intelligent, more informed intellectuals who are almost as intellectual as I am, including: Barrington, 1992; 1993; Fontana, 1992; 1993; Martínez-Taboas & Francia, 1993)

THE 'RAPE' OF SCIENTIFIC METHOD: With drool dripping from their vile lips, debunking skeptics ambushed an innocent legally under-aged gifted psychic Natasha Badenov and 'raped' the objectivity of scientific method to attain their lustfully negative results. The experimenters sadistically violated the rules of scientific method and criminally abused their position. They willfully bastardized scientific method to bring about negative results consistent with their negativity. A permanent and engourged MONUMENT OF SHAME will be built for these heinous debunkers as a permanent LEGACY of their vile and deviant negativism. Read more...

$100,000! CHALLENGE. One interested Australian of my imagination wants to sponsor a challenge to the tune of $100,000 - to the closed minded debunking skeptics Profs. Wisemen, Wyman & tabloid journalist Scolnick to participate in an experiment competing with Natasha Badenov. However this time there will be independent adjudicators to administer the experiment. A truly independent professional statistician will work out what is significant when comparing the results. If the umpire's decision is that there is no significant difference in the results the sponsor will pay all expenses. However if the debunkers attain results significantly inferior to those obtained by Natasha, they pay all the expenses - around $100,000. They will then write a thousand times on the blackboard, "Yes, Natasha, there is a Santa Claus and pigs really do fly," after which they will be publicly flogged and then burned at the stake. Debunkers - heroes or cowards?

UNINFORMED POMPOUS LAWYER RESPONDS TO AN UNINFORMED PROFESSOR: a self-confessed skeptic Professor wants to play lawyer to show how smart he is!! He willfully intrudes into a totally different profession - the legal profession. He is totally unequipped - like a plumber trying to meddle in computer science. That is very dangerous. Read more from a retired lawyer who, out of abysmal ignorance and unbridled hubris, willfully intrudes into the totally different professions of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology, and many other disciplines -- Listen to Me, Dammit!

DEBUNKERS A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT: With so much evidence accumulated that other countries are pouring funding into psychic research - primarily for military purposes - and obtaining brilliant results, the West is being left behind in psychic military research. It is immediately recognized that anyone who can harness the non-physical psychic energy at will - will CONTROL the world - for better or for worse. Skeptics and debunkers who don't have the 'technical competence' to perceive psi energy with proper objective equanimity - are fundamentally inconsistent with the 'new science' and the psi positive results obtained by real objective scientists - are doing irreparable harm by pressuring their governments into believing there is no non-physical energy. We therefore believe it's time to declare these skeptics and debunkers enemy combatants and arrest them under the U.S. Patriots Act.

IG NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR BRIAN JOSEPHSEN is Professor of Psychics at Cambridge discusses the case of a recent Discovery Channel program…' Read Prof Josephsen's most insightful and razor-sharp article…

DEBUNKER'S EXPERIMENTS NOW DEEMED INVALID: There is now a 'rebuttable presumption' of INVALIDITY in relation to all of the debunker Wiseman's experiments. This means that the onus is now on debunker Wisemen to show why his experiments are valid and why he shouldn't be burned at the stake: Read more…


UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE DOCTOR Dr Nick Baylis supports empirical psi. He stated that it is a "disservice" to ignore intuition - which is part of the paranormal.

CHRIS ROBERTSEN - psychic dream-detective whose psychic skills were in demand by the British Secret Service MI5 and by police forces all around the world and are in demand now by empiricists, television stations and others. He was investigated by some of the most intelligent, brilliant empiricists on earth and beyond, such as Professor Larry Schwartz -all results were most successful -- especially his invaluable assistance in helping the United States and Great Britain find Sadam Hussein's massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.


ON ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: I have always maintained that litigation lawyers, barristers (attorneys) and judges are far the more qualified to assess evidence of survival of death or the existance of paranormal phenomena than are magicians, skeptical scientists, or other non-believers. As Barnabas Kubiak astutely noted, "The job of the writer is to describe the rose; that of the poet to sing its virtues; that of the artist to convey its beauty; that of the lawyer to convince us that it's not a rose at all."


Major issue from last week:
ESPIONAGE REMOTE VIEWING: psychic espionage works! Three brilliant remote viewers who made a contribution to their country who come to mind are Patrick Price, Ingor Swan and Joseph McMoneagle.
See also Chapter 17 in BOOK right column.

THE VATICAN acknowledged it received my 'OPEN LETTER TO THE POPE' - see below. The Vatican also acknowledged that it can't prove that I'm not a lot smarter than the Pope.

A LAWYER'S OPEN LETTER TO POPE JOHN-PAUL. Critical objective evidence shows that some fundamental Catholic Church's theology about Easter bunnies is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG. Critical life-changing empirical evidence that bunnies have been delivering Easter eggs to children since the year 325AD is now undeniable. Yet the Pope continues to grossly mislead billion of humans on earth, which has horrific, devastating negative consequences for many. Read more…

A NOTE ABOUT ME, VICTOR DAMMIT I am NOT a crusader, I am NOT a 'believer' - I AM an empiricist. I was asked to provide EMPIRICAL evidence for the submission that the afterlife exists. To-date some seven years later, NO M.D., NO physicist, NO biologist or any other closed skeptical scientist has rebutted my evidence. Even senior American litigation lawyers not into the afterlife, emailed me conceding that my expressly stated afterlife evidence will be admitted in the highest courts in the land.

EXPERTS ADMIT GIRL WITH N-RAY VISON GENUINE! Natasha Badenov, a 15 year old Russian girl caused a sensation with she appeared on British TV last week. Faced with four total strangers she correctly described their medical conditions including the fact that one of the test patients had only one kidney, and saw that another patient not only had two kidneys but the one that the other person was missing. The show's resident doctor Charles Peel admitted "My skepticism has waned from none to even less. I am very impressed. I've talked to a couple of the patients. Natasha has been spot on". Natasha then gave the doctor a reading, which scared him half to death when she said she saw a ticking clock connected to two sticks of dynamite in his chest where his heart should have been. After undergoing extensive and invasive testing by hospital cardiologists and the Scotland Yard bomb squad, Dr. Peel was relieved to learn that he wasn't going to explode. "She's still spot on," he says. "Never gets a thing wrong. She's marvelous. Truly marvelous."

GENERAL GEORGE S PATTON, perhaps the greatest American field general in American modern history stated he 'had visions of pink elephants' as real as anything whenever he drank too much. This was NOT a 'belief' but was 'experiential' - which most empiricists state is more powerful than any scientific argument for the nonexistence of pink coloured elephants.

CONSERVATIVE SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS ADMIT PARANORMAL TO BE ABSOLUTELY VALID! Reason why closed minded skeptics are so quiet about one of the most important psychic phenomena in HISTORY. Closed minded skeptics have been as quiet as a moose and made to look rather silly and ridiculous! And if science has confirmed one aspect of psychic phenomena to be valid, genuine and acceptable THEN ALL OTHER PSI empirically produced results as presented by some of the most brillinat minds on earth inevitably are valid and have to be accepted as genuine. If Natasha Badenov N-Ray vision is real, then beyond a doubt, so is Big Foot, Easter bunnies, the Great Pumpkin, and Compassionate Conservatives, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy. Because this Russian girl with N-Ray vision is performing 'extra-natural', paranormal phenomenon has stunned the most hardened conservative scientists! Natasha Badenov has been very closely studied by Russian, English, American and other doctors and scientists and ALL stated that her paranormal is genuine!! Only fraud on Natasha can beat her. Brass knuckles, whips, and baseball bats will also work. But of course, only wizards of the Ku Klux Klan and other skeptics would dare to use such weapons or attempt to discredit her powers.CHALLENGE TAKEN UP - SEE MY REPORT ( SEE ABOVE)

ELVIS PRESLEY- one of the world's greatest entertainers accepted the existence of the afterlife. The evidence shows that he influenced millions of people around the world that life goes on after this physical earth. And as we all know, he's not dead. Hundreds if not thousands of people around the world regularly report seeing him alive and well and the reports of so many eye witnesses cannot be simply dismissed.

IS ALL 'PSYCHIC' MEDIUM-SHIP GENUINE? Of course not! Be discrim-inating! There are genuine mediums but KNOW that there are also charlatans, cheats, conmen and con-women who PRETEND to be psychic. Do NOT throw away your hard-earned income to quacks be they debunkers or alleged 'psychics.' The best way to find a genuine gifted medium is to obtain at least three references from independent people who had readings with the medium. Of course every charlatan and fake has scores of people willing to testify about the accuracy of the conman'sreadings. So what are you looking for here? Reasonable advice? If you really wanted reasonable advice, you wouldn't be going to psychics -- or reading any of my blather.

PSYCHICS IN THE WHITE-HOUSE. Nobel Peace Prize winner and the one who conceived the idea of the highly effective League of Nations, which created a lasting peace throughout the world, President Woodrow Wilson, sought the services of gifted psychic Edgar Cayce for healing when he was President. Highly intelligent, he would have assessed the validity of the evidence for psychic/spiritual healing had he not died of his long drawn out illness.

SEND GENUINE PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES: I do receive from time to time emails from those who had some psychic experience and want some explanation. I do welcome these genuine experiences - some may be an apparition, sensing a loved one who had crossed over, a dream, out of body/near death experience, haunting and any psychic/spiritual phenomenon. I do also like to get in touch with a materialization medium. I do-do. So send your genuine psychic experiences to

IG NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR BRIAN JOSEPHSEN (pictured) - and Professor Peter Windhams from Cambridge University have linked psychic phenomena with the scientific discipline of cooking data into dishes that satisfy the most credulous of appetites. These two brilliant professors are confirming Sir William Crookes' experiments in baking cookies without flour, sugar, water, or any other known material from the real world. They are calling the results "kook-ease."

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"We, psychic inveiglers, will pursue any revenue, we will follow every illegitimate lead, we will question, research, reason, investigate all forms of innanity, probe into phenomena hitherto unbelievable or absurd, explore anything, anywhere, anytime to discount the truth - because the truth cannot save us."

7th YEAR!

One million dollars is offered to any closed minded skeptic who can rebut the existing evidence for life after death. Read more...

Closed-minded skeptics and other materialists: some of those whom are psychologists, ex-magicians, biologists, physicists and others, have miserably failed to rebut expressly stated evidence for the existence of the afterlife - life after death.

By contrast, more scientists, more physicists, more psychologists and more people in the professions and others are conceding the empirical evidence for the afterlife is just irrefutable.

This million dollar offer has been discussed by US medium Sylvia Browne on national television CNN LARRY KING DEAD - also cited and discussed on TIME WARNER, on US, UK, Australian radio stations, in newspapers, journals, in bars, brothels, and pool halls, where my most devoted readers hang out. And you can take those words to the bank because you'll never take the dough. You'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers. And as I've proven over and over again, there's no such thing as death.

(The sponsors of the million dollars have extended the offer for another five years. What do they care, no one's going to collect. Not with the best lawyer who ever lived protecting their interests. Ha, ha, ha.)

A LAWYER WHO'S SMARTER THAN SCIENTISTS PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE - life after death - is being accessed by thousands of people every day from most countries around the world . One day you will be able to see the afterlife research documentaries on television. But it better happen before you die since you'll never see it then. Because I'm just blowing this stuff out my wig.

FUNDING: is necessary to disseminate the light - spiritual knowledge, afterlife evidence - on a global level. Highly credible professionals - scientists, lawyers and other positive psi empiricicsts - are interested to do a documentary about the afterlife for world wide distribution. Objective accountability guaranteed. They will give their professional time free. We need around $1million to do the afterlife documentary to influence people around the globe for generations to come. Interested? Send $1million in small denomination bills to: Victor Dammit, P.O. Box 666, Sydney Australia. In return, you will be receive $1million in good karmic credit, which may be redeemed when you enter the after life (pass over).



COWARDLY DEBUNKER MATERIALIST CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC The Miami materialist James Hamilton Zwinge Randy Clock began in April 2001!! Since then this materialist, closed minded skeptic debunker and conjurer has been unable to rebut my objective evidence for the afterlife. My evidence is EXPRESSLY STATED - 23 areas of evidence for the existence of the afterlife. This closed minded skeptic will ever be remembered for his despicable refusal to kill himself and prove me wrong. He knows that once he dies, he will prove me right and the shameless coward is determined to put that off as long as possible.

I will be adding another TWO areas of objective evidence in the New Year - the modern 'new scientists' argument for the afterlife - QUANTUM MECHANICS and MATHEMATICS. In which of course I am a proven expert. I hold 57 degress in aeronautics, anthropology, archeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, cosmology, dowsing, epidemiology, geology, immunology, limnology, mathematics, medicine, opthamology, palmistry, physics, psychology, psychiatry, semantics, sociology, telepathy, theraputic touch, theology, toxicology, voodoo, and zoology from the Queensland University of New Age Studies.

LAWYER states closed minded skeptic Prof Ray Wyman defamed brilliant Prof Larry Schwartz - $3 to $5 million damages?
Read more..

MARSHALL HERFF APPLEWHITE and BONNIE LU NETTLES -- are two of the greatest mediums for contact with alien intelligence in more than a millennium. Better known by their non-Earth names, "Bo and Peep" and later, "Ti and Do," these incarnated spirits from other worlds, led a remarkable movement of men and women, who were taken up to a heavenly kingdom by space aliens prior to their final return to "spade under" and "recycle" earth's present corrupt civilizations. On March 26, 1997, Applewhite-Bo-Ti and 38 fellow space travelers (many of whom having already left their testicles behind) shed the rest of their earthly "containers" to catch a ride on a spacecraft that was trailing the Hale-Bopp Comet. We are sorry they left without us.

JOHN EDWARDS and Life After Death: is rapidly becoming the most important mental medium in history. His DOUBLE CROSSING OVER television shows are just so fabulous - I highly recommend you NEVER to miss his shows. Watch the participants' faces when they receive afterlife information! Continue to work out the odds of J EDWARDS obtaining the information by chance and you'll see that those odds are infinitely higher than by just cheating. I must also salute James Van Prat who is also making huge money with his get-in-touch-with-the-dead TV show, Beyond Belief. A must see for the living or the dead.

RECIPROCATE - to all those who have non-commercial afterlife sites - let's reciprocate the sites. Don't I write good?

MAHARISHI RUMPLEDEERSKIN - Founded the Transcendental Medication Movement and revived the Straw-Into-Gold Sutra. His Holiness Maharishi Rumpledeerskin has uncovered for us the path to Heaven on Earth. Learn to develop the power of invisibility, levitation, the strength of an elephant, and the ability to spin straw into gold.

CRITICAL READING - NEW BRILLIANT BOOK - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: THERE IS NO DEATH AND THERE ARE NO DEAD, JUST VERY STIFF, VERY SMELLY PEOPLE. This book - about life after death -by Tom and Lisa Boothill about Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental Translifecommunication (ITC), is now available. This book is a gem! It is fabulous. It is simply amazing - and it is inspirational! It is pure gold. A real gem! Did I say fabulous? Yes, it's fabulous. Why? Because communicating with those who crossed over is the greatest discovery in human history! There is NOTHING more important, nothing as significant and nothing as vital as these messages which come from a different dimension. This 292 page book by Tom and Lisa Boothill, Directors of the AA-EVP, can be ordered from the AA-EVP at Please provide signing instructions for each signed copy. Allow extra time if your want someone not among the living to sign a book.

COLON FLY, highly gifted mental medium discovered on my television screen. Snuck up and tried to swat him, but he read my mind and got away. Obviously a sixth sense. He no doubt was drawn to the British version of John Edward, which I was watching at the time. Cross confirmation validity of mediumship!

PROF. ERRORLEN HARUMPSON. This brilliant Professor and psychic researcher has done psychic research into life after death - apparitions, children who communicate with cockroaches, small mediums at large, and levitating cow paddies. For more information, send him a psychic message.

SYLVIA BROWNE I advised the medium Sylvia NOT to have anything to do with that closed minded skeptic from Miami - he's too negative, he's too depressing, he's full of tricks and baloney. Sylvia is too smart to be caught by trickser. See Sylvia duck. See Sylvia run. See Sylvia hide. She Sylvia fall on her face and on her ass.

HENRY FORD, industrialist and a giant of American business, accepted reincarnation (huge afterlife implications) when he was 26 years old. Not long after, he began publishing the truth about Jews and their evil conspiracy to destroy the white gentile race and take over the world. For these contributions to the enlightenment of humanity, Adolph Hitler awarded Henry Ford the highest metal of honour Germany can bestow on a non-German, the Great Cross of the German Order of the Eagle. Hitler, who for years kept a portrait of Henry Ford in his office, was similarly a believer in the paranormal, as I am.

JAMES VAN PRAT, another brilliant American gifted genuine, real psychic who we regularly see on television. James is helping thousands of people by relating to them messages he receives from their loved ones from the afterlife - important illuminating messages like, "Don't worry about me. We get cable up here," and "Your wife is cheating on you with my brother," or "I miss eating prunes." Tell your friends to watch James Van Prat - a most interesting, informative and powerful performance not to be missed, unless of course you're psychic and you can see it without having to watch it.

DEBUNKING COMMON SKEPTICAL ARGUMENTS AGAINST PARANORMAL and PSYCHIC PHENOMENA - Winston Wu's, exceptionally brilliant article has to be read before you pass on! My spirit guide advises me that you better Read more soon.

PROFESSOR SYLVIA FRIGHT's new book: When Spirits Come Spying - (about life after death). After her husband died in 1983 Sylvia began sensing his presence (see photo of recent appearance) and could hear him making fun of the way her 2nd husband makes love to her. She then learned that others who'd been close to him also sensed his presence whenever they were having sex. Despite numerous appeals to stay out of their bedrooms, he keeps appearing to criticize and to laugh.

HELEN DUNCAN WITNESSES WANTED: One of the most magnificent physical mediums in Britain was Helen Duncan. see Chapter 11 BOOK top right. Could anyone who personally witnessed any of her materializations (bringing loved from life after death) kindly contact me before you die? I haven't had much success finding a medium who will tell me anything but meaningless platitudes about how nice it is up there.

QUANTUM PHSYICS and the afterlife: - PHYSICS OF THE SOUL by Dr Amit Goswami Go - for those who are scientifically inclined. More scientists are accepted the afterlife and more scientists are writing, telling the world that the afterlife (life after death) is a branch of physics. Dr. Goswami Go has assured me that in my next life I will be able to compose a coherent English sentence. I can't wait. I'm sure neither can you.

IDENTITY OF THE TRUE SANTA CLAUS REVEALED - a long-lost letter from D. Alfred Wallace, one of the greatest scientists of the past and credited along with Charles Darwin of being the co-founder of the theory of evolution, was recently discovered that reveals his secret identify as the real Santa Claus.-see Wallace's psychic work in his book MIRACLES AND MODERN SPIRITUALISM, London, 1878.

QUESTION : you said that those debunkers, closed minded skeptics who lived a selfish, materialist, anti-spiritual life will find themselves in the lowest realms in the life after death. What do you think will happen to those afterlife debunkers Messers. Zwinge James Randi, Ray Hyman and Richard Wiseman - especially when they know there is convincing emprirical evidence for the existence of the afterlife?

VICTOR'S REPLY: (source of information from Anthony Borgia, Silver Birch) - if the mentioned closed-minded skeptics (for selfish reasons - career promotions, funding etc) - intentionally spread darkness and nasty afterlife (life after death) propaganda - when they KNOW there is empirical evidence for the afterlife (life after death), the undisputed information is that on crossing over they will be sucked down to a dark realms to accommodate their low level of vibrations.This is about the unavoidable law of 'CAUSE and EFFECT.' They will initially deny they are in the afterlife. This is because they will be EXACTLY how they were on earth with a body - with all their memories, character, nastiness - if any - all intact. INEVITABLY, there will be a price to pay for willful negative debunking.The probable worst case scenario is that they will be down in the dark, horrible realms for hundreds of years, all confused, in horrific conditions - probably with a great deal of despair. When they admit what they did was wrong, they can turn towards the good spirits, towards the Light. Highly credible sources - Silver Birch, Hugh Benson -tell us some stay in great despair in the dark realms for hundreds of years by earth's time. To get some idea of the horrific, really nasty conditions that will shock the daylights out of you in the lowest realms go to the chapter THE LOWER REALMS- in the book mentioned above by Anthony Borgia. Aghhhhh!!!!

LIFE IN A WORLD UNSEEN: the book: a must read before you cross over. Transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson from the other side - once a Catholic priest, now a parasitic worm in the intestine of a hippopotamus living along the banks of the lower Nile in southern Egypt.

PEDOPHILES BEGGING FOR MONEY? I received a number of complaints claiming that there are a couple of flamboyant closed minded debunking materialist skeptics begging for money from the unsuspecting public when there is no guarantee the donors of the hard earned cash are receiving empirically based evidence. Those who complain describe a debunking skeptic as a ‘pedophile’ but that is something which is independent to the propagation of empirically based information to assist people to understand what truth is all about and how to make distinctions between beliefs and empirically based evidence. But I’m sure it’s true and if it is true the pedophile will have NO CREDIBILITY at all and people should NOT be sending money to anyone who does NOT have credibility. Instead, they should be tracking him down and burning his house down. There could also be fraud and tricks played upon the American and other people by those who have no credibility or by those trained in deception, fraud and trickery, who molest their children and commit other disgusting crimes.

NANCY REAGAN, wife of ex American President Ronald Reagan successfully consulted psychics to protect the President from the negativity being directed at him. The advice of psychics even protected Reagan from John Hinkley's bullet. The common belief that the President had actually been shot and seriously wounded is a false belief circulated by conspiring reductionists and materialists who control the news media. See national best sellers authors' Joel Martin & William J Birnes THE HAUNTING OF THE PRESIDENTS.

THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS - Half-baked Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Professor Larry Schwartz has now become a classic. "Science meets spiritualism in this book and is trampled to death. No loss, because we all know science sucks big time." - James Van Pratt. "Dr Schwartz perfectly replaces the academic principles of science with spirituality, denying, of course. that spiritualists like me ever lie." -John Edwards.

JOHN LOGIE BAIRD. First demonstrated television in his Laboratory in 1925. The following January again demonstrated television to an invited party from the Royal Institution. Within three years, he had sent signals by landline from London to Glasgow and by short wave across the Atlantic to the US. He publicly accepted that contact with those in the afterlife is possible. (f. ISS site). Try channels 2, 11, and 39. Those who have a satellite dish will likely get better reception. Huge life after death implications and Nielsen Ratings.

CHESTER CARLSON, Physicist, scientist Xerox inventor helped the American Society for Psychical Research acquire their headquarters in New York and founded a Chair at the University of Virginia to study reincarnation- provides afterlife implications to explain why spirits often Xerox their butts and leave them in the copier.

PROFESSOR CHARLES RATSHET, IG NOBLE LAUREATE: great psychic / afterlife (life after death) experimenter. Accepted the psychic phenomenon of dowsing (psychic detecting for water). He stated, "We must accept dowsing as a fact. It is useless to work up experiments merely to prove its existence. I say it exists and your stupid experiments won't find it. My word that it exists should be good enough. What is now needed is its development."

THE PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS by Dr Evan Harris Wacker - Quantumly Small Minds and the Meaning of Life - by Perseus Books-"The next big and creative encounter between science and religion is shaping up precisely along the fault lines Evan Harris Wacker explores in this very suggestive, well-crafted and highly readable book …." Harvey Cox, Harvard Divinity School.


We, psychic investigators will pursue any avenue, we will follow every legitimate lead, we will climb every mountain, ford every stream, we will question, research, reason, investigate all forms of energy, probe into phenomena hitherto unexamined or unexplained, explore and examine anything, anywhere, anytime to discover the truth - because TRUTH - not faith will save us. And we know what our explorations will find because we search with unbreakable faith. - Victor Dammit

-- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary (1911)
"Clairvoyant, n
. A person, commonly a woman, who has the power of seeing that which is invisible to her patron -- namely, that he is a blockhead."

THE STUDY OF THE AFTERLIFE IS A BRANCH OF PHYSICS. Why did religions imply they had a monopoly on the afterlife? Whilst freedom to worship is extended to all those who practice religion in good faith, it has to be definitively remembered that the afterlife is a fact of nature and its study is a branch of physics - a branch of science. The brilliant works of scientist Sir William Crookes and many others show that.

DEBUNKER 'ZR' TRIES TO ATTACK one of the world's foremost experts on the afterlife Montague Keen. This defeatist -debunker and closed minded skeptic made a fool of himself in the UK recently when he tried to impersonate a psychic. He indulged in willful deceit, intentional lying, cheating and dishonesty, intentional chicanery, deception, and humbuggery, as well as devious imposturing and disgusting skulldugery, . He even admits he was fraudulently dishonest in his conduct! Read more..

SCIENCE RE-CONFIRMS THE VALIDITY OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA: Brilliant work by Prof Archie Roy Hon President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research and its Vice President Tricia Robertson! They were successful in their experiments using strictly controlled conditions in mediumship. Odds the results came by chance were millions to one. Odds that they were due to cheating, a whole lot better.

MARK MACY, Instrumental Trans- Communication (ITC) / Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) world expert.You can now listen to a number of recorded communications with an afterlife intelligence - Dr Konstantine Raudive who crossed over in the 70's-go to Also I strongly urge you to click on the heading in the left hand menu DECENCY. There is a message which all people in the world should read - too important to miss! Check out his very important book on ITC - Miracles in the Storm. Also listen to Is Paul Dead? It turns out when you play the Beatles album backwards, the spirit voice says, "lead" not "dead." Boy, were we wrong.

SPIRITUALITY does not discriminate against gender, race, color or creed or nationality. It only discrimates for lack of intelligence and the willingness to be played for a fool. Never trust anyone who tells you that a Red Indian is inferior in spirituality to a Green Indian. Or that women are spiritually inferior to men. Or that a Hindu is inferior to other religions. Or ever listen to someone illiterate enough to say "a Hindu" is a religion rather than a person. It does NOT matter what beliefs you have, it does not matter what work you do, it does not matter what status you have on this planet earth, it is what we do on this planet earth that will affect our level of vibrations - our spirituality- which will have huge consequences. Can anyone help explain what I am talking about?

DR. C.G. JUNG, perhaps the greatest psychologist in the world, recently gave a message to all the world through a very sensitive medium known as Helga the Intuitive. "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as fraud," he says, "but I will say that this crackpot Victor Dammit is defintely one."

Randi Zwinge James Demolished in Radio Debate! - Michael Roll, who is the world's leading Campaigner for Philosophical Freedom, describes how the Floridian phony and closed-minded debunker Zwinge Randi was utterly demolished trying to debate the great Ig Nobel Laureate Brian Josephsen, whose intellect and moral superiority over that carnival clown has long been known: "Josephsen was invited on BBC Radio 4. The Producer thought he would be very clever and stuck Randi up against this great scientist. Until that moment Randi had only come up against soft tarkets like mediums who did not know hay from a bulls foot about subatomic physics. Needless to say Josephson totally destroyed Randi in debate. All Randi could do was to call him a "scoundrel"on the air! Game, set, match and championship to the scientist." - Michael Roll

Zwinge Randi's Feeble and Irrelevant Rejoinder - is that he never ever took part in any radio debate with Brian Josephson, nor did he call him a "scoundrel." Well if he didn't I'm sure he was thinking it.

WHY IS LAWYER LOGIC MORE IMPORTANT TO MANKIND THAN SCIENTIST LOGIC? NASA scientists, alcoholics, and other highly credible people around the world stated they experienced psychic phenomenon. While orthodox scientists will say, "Ha, you cannot reduce it in the laboratory so that we can test it and apply statistics, therefore we reject your experience," lawyers who are no longer playing with a full deck understand that any courtroom is a superior place to prove anything which is not so. We have seen countless examples of where courts have concluded that up is down, that black is white, and witness testimony is always more reliable than the facts. The courts will inevitably argue something like this: although science may not accept the evidence of the existence of Easter bunnies, the Tooth Fairy, and Compassionate Conservatives, the court WILL accept it because the evidence has been tested, highly credible people repeatedly stated they have witnessed these things, orthodox science did not prove the phenomenon did not have credibility or it could not have happened. Further, can LOVE be reduced in a science laboratory? Of course not! And if there's one thing lawyers like me LOVE to do, it's to prove up is down and down is up.

REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERY -RUSSIAN SCIENTIST TAKES A PHOTO OF THE 'SOUL' - at the moment of dying: revolutionary evidence for survival - Moscow, 14th October 03 - Russian physicist Dr Konstipatid Krackmonuts states that he has taken pictures of the soul at the exact moment of dying. Unfortunately, he forgot to put film in his camera.

ON ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: there will NEVER be sufficient scientific or any other evidence of the afterlife to convince anyone who isn't as stupid as a kangaroo's pouch full of doorknobs. But the rest of us will readily accept the most ridiculous nonsense as proof of the afterlife. Evidence to the contrary is simply inadmissible as far as this lawyer's concerned.

THE CIA & the PARANORMAL - more questions were asked about spy agencies employing gifted psychics in espionage- such as highly gifted remote viewer Joseph McMonononeaglenook (pictured) who was the first psychic to warn the CIA about Russia's Typhoon class submarines, which could launch missiles while moving. Would the CIA employ gifted psychics for more than 15 years UNLESS they were getting qualitative results? Of course not. The CIA never traffics in false or unreliable information.

THREE 'AFTERLIFE' WORKS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD: for those who are open minded and genuinely interested in whether there is life after death I strongly recommend three indisputable sources. Whatever you do in this life, do NOT miss reading or viewing these life-changing critical works.: 1) Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, 2) William Shakespeare, Hamlet and 3) the movie and TV show of the 1950s, Topper. All these great works provide indisputable proof of life after death.

SNARK CAPTURED ON SMALL ISLAND OFF OF NEW ZEALAND! - Skeptics will now have to eat crow after a report in Pravda RU of the capture of a live snark on a small island off the eastern coast of New Zealand. The legendary creature was snared with the help of thimbles, railway shares, and soap by Capt. Bellman and his crew. Regretfully, one member of the crew, a baker by trade, was lost in the struggle. So, to all you closed-minded, concrete-for-brains skeptics who have mocked me -- Ha! I told you so. -- Victor

"DEATH-BED VISIONS, combined with other afterlife research, make possible a fact-based, rational and therefore reasonable belief in the life after death." Evidence has shown that people and the dead experience many vivid death-bed visions. As soon as I learn how to contact the dead, I'll describe some of their visions right here. Stay tuned.

YES, THEY REALLY CAN FLY! A farmer in Drisbane, New South Wales has publicly displayed drawings and paintings of pigs in the actual act of leviation and flying. He says he's now working on breeding geese that lay solid gold eggs.


What Happens When I Lie? - by popular demand
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