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Sky Dragon Slayer Author John O'Sullivan

John O'Sullivan

John O'Sullivan is leader of a group of activists who deny that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has any global warming affect. In the beginning of 2010, they published a book Slaying the Sky Dragon," in which they claim increased carbon dioxide emission is actually good for us.

O'Sullivan has been promoting this book and himself, his other writings, his fascade company called Principia Scientific International, and soliciting public donations through false professional and academic credentials. He is falsely claiming to be a lawyer who has "successfully litigated for more than 13 years in New York and Federal 2nd District courts," a member of the American Bar Association, a legal consultant employed by the British Columbia law firm Pearlman Lindholm, and a science journalist with more than 150 major articles published worldwide including in National Review and Forbes magazines. None of those claims are true.

The following links to documents highlight some of the more serious falsehoods and shams O'Sullivan has in his plan to promote his new career as science writer and legal analyst. In October, John O'Sullivan joined the New York County Lawyer's Association (NYCLA) as a Provisional Member by fraudulently sending in false information. Although he claims in his online resumes and bios that he's been practicing law for over a decade and earned a law degree from the University of Surrey in 1982, he claimed he earned his law degree in January 2010 from "University of Surrey - Hill University."

O'Sullivan's Fraudulent New York County Lawyers' Association Membership Page

Hill University is a bogus, online diploma mill that sells anyone any degree in any subject they want with a "Promised Free Delivery in Just 15 Days!"

Hill University web site

Oregon State Office of Degree Authorization's list of diploma mills.

According to NYCLA's By-Laws, Provisional Members are open to people who graduated with three years from American Bar Association-recognized law schools who have not yet passed the bar. In addition, joining as a Provisional Member, O'Sullivan didn't have to pay a membership fee.

NYCLA membership rules

In addition to citing a bogus diploma mill as the source of his law degree, O'Sullivan provided a false address and fax number for his company Principia Scientific International. The address belongs to a construction company in Delhi, NY and the fax number is the phone number of a woman who never heard of Principia Scientific International.

Second Nature Construction Company

Law Society of British Columbia Letter, Nov. 4, 2011

Law Society of British Columbia Letter, Dec. 13, 2011

New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Unlawful Practice of Law. The bill is designed to reverse a “prevailing policy” of local prosecutors to devote resources to the problem only when unauthorized practice involves significant criminal taking of money, or grand larceny, according to the official description of the legislation. "It appears to be the policy of most district attorneys to charge unlawful practice of law only when such activity is integrally related to some form of grand larceny. As long as this continues to be the prevailing policy of the district attorneys, the practical effect of Romero will be to deny any criminal enforcement or penal liability for falsely holding oneself out as an attorney."

In June 2010 gov patterson signed into law "New York Closer Edges Toward More Vigorous Criminalization of Unauthorized Practice of Law; State Bar Approves" Law Forward web site.

Fraud Lawyer Claims
Fraudulent Law Firm Employment Claim

Climate Realists article claiming he was cleared of all charges by LSBC

capture of LinkedIn profile fraudulently claiming employment at Pearlman

Vanilla Girl blog

Acquitted of Pedophialia and Assault

JDaley's Blog Vanilla Girl

J Daley O'Neal blog

Blog profile from dec. 2007 -- was updated. Not a good record of past.

WritersNet ad published in 2006-2007 seeking an "agent/publisher": "freelance" "full-time writer" "married to an American lawyer for whom he "assisted as a litigant and advocate" conducting and as a "researcher."

In his bio, published 2006-07, he states he is "a graduate of of the West Surrey College of Art & Design where he obtained a First Degree in Fine Art in 1983 and then subsequently completed his post-graduate studies qualifying as a high school teacher in 1985. He most notably won the WSCAD Creative Writing Award for Excellence for his Bachelor's dissertation on James Joyce's Ulysses.'" Most notably missing is any mention of earning a law degree or even attending Law School at the University of Surrey. He states that he has been married to a New York "legal advocate since 1998, which is false. His wife was a prison guard for the NY Dept. of Corrections. But he explains where he began to get his "legal training": " In 2004 Daley O'Neal [O'Sullivan's nom de plume] successfully defended himself in a well-publicised criminal case. Since then he has assisted wife in her legal advocacy work in the American civil courts while pursuing his creative writing interests. O'Neal enjoys writing about unrequited love, the criminal justice system and dares to apply his literary talents to contentious hot topics such unlawful police practices, sexual harassment and paedophilia." Indeed, after being acquitted for .... O'Sullivan, first using the pen name J Daley O'Neal wrote his first "Cupboard 55" "factual novel," based on his trial for assault and sending obsecene text messages offering money for sex to a 16-y-o school girl. Unable to find a publisher, he self-published in on his own blog. Even though he was now disgraced and his teaching career was ended at age 42, he used this book as a forum to discuss why he believes the laws against sex with children are .... News report in the Mirror (London) on his acquittal for sending repeated obscene messages soliciting sex from a 16-y-o school girl and assaulting her.

Acquitted of Sending Obscene Messages Offering Money for Sex to 16-y-o Girl and Assault

On March 15, 2010, O'Sullivan posted his application for "feature writer at on his blog. His application letter describes experiences vastly different from those in his recent resumes and bios. No where does he mention attending law school or holding a law degree -- or having "successfuly litigated for more than a decade in New York and Federal 2nd District courts."

After mentioning spending 20 years as classroom teacher and college lecturer he littered the turgid application with all the I urge that you peruse Google by inputting the search term, ‘John O’Sullivan climate’ and you will find me extensively among over 270,000 web page impressions (0.23 seconds).

O'Sullivan's claim to fame.

At the bottom of his failed pitch to be hired as a feature writer, he provides a clue why it met no success: "I would relish the chance to opine eruditely on more diverse issues befitting my Celtic artistic and cultural background, to concern myself with local and national political and social issues as well as the unexpected cornucopia of life’s quirkiest conundrums." A cornucopia of quirkiness indeed.



WritersNet ad

BC Profile Profile

O'Sullivan's job application

cached version

Friends United profile

Webook profile


JDaley's Blog Vanilla Girl

J Daley O'Neal blog

Never Lost a Case
Here's the most recent court decision I found, where claimant Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan and John O'Sullivan's claim was tossed out. ???

article where he claims to be a successful lawyer who "still haven’t lost a case." Despite the fact that all his wife's suits he claims to have helped her with ("successfully litigating for 13 years in New York and Federal 2nd District courts") were all dismissed.



bogus claim of never losing a case.


court decision Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan and John O'Sullivan vs. State of New York

Fund raising
O'Sullivan's fund raising pitch for PSI

article soliciting contributions signed ESQ and providing his "legal analysis."


PSI fund raising appeal

Go Fund Me

Statement by his co-author Tim Bell on their Sky Dragon Slayer web site soliciting contributions to help defend Ball and claiming that O'Sullivan is a "lawyer" providing him "legal advice" in the suit against him in British Columbia court.file:


...where he claims to be a lawyer working with Pearlman Lindholm's attorney Michael Scherr and provides their "legal analysis" of the case and solicits contributions from the public to help them defend Ball.

Soliciting Donations

Tim Ball's appeal for contributions claiming O'Sullivan is a lawyer working helping to defend him in BC


Summit Shock blog

NY Daily News rant

Times Union rant

in this rant, says broken neck happened long after she was raped - in a fall.

also claims fall was not from attack.

left for dead with a broken neck after being brutally raped.

another more restrained attack

Anti-Spitzer blog

Exposing Spitzer


Like many lawyers had warned us, NY courts will let NY State government break any laws they want - we had no chance. ... We still haven't got over the shock of the depths New York government will stoop to get away with raping and nearly killing my wife.... We will fight on and never quit - but what will President Obama and the federal authorities do to restore faith in our legal system? Scum like this need more than a tap on the hand - they must face criminal federal prosecution. Please, Mr. President, clean up this country's corrupt courts!


An article by attorney Glen P. Doherty in the Albany County Bar Newsletter discusses this case and the reasons it was dismissed. The case he describes has virtually no resemblance to the any of the rants O'Sullivan published in his campaign against NY State judges and officials.

cached courthouse forum rant

< br/> LSBC
O'Sullivan's blatantly false Nov. 10, 2011 "news" article claiming that the Law Society of British Columbia ruled that the charges of his unauthorized practice of law in BC were "baseless."">

Dec. 13, 2011 letter from the LSBC Office of Unauthorized Practice that it IS investigating charges against John O'Sullivan for unauthorized practice of law.

LinkedIn profile changes following complaints filed with the Law Society of British Columbia and the American Bar Association. Note the replacement of "Legal Consultant... and Member of the ABA with "legal consultant PSI company and NYCLA -- which he had NOT actually joined.

Under the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society of BC is responsible for licensing lawyers and regulating the practice of law. BC's unauthorized practice.

LSBC regulation of unauthorized practice.

Bogus charge identity theft
CO2 Insanity libelous attack article

O'Sullivan's article falsely charging Andrew Skolnick with identify theft and other crimes.

Bogus charge of identity theft


Refutation of O'Sullivan's False Charges of Identify Theft

Lucia's expose on O'Sullivan's bogus criminal charges against Andrew Skolnick.

Bogus identify theft charge exposed

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