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"You disgusting piece of festering toxic waste, nobody's hushing up anything that *actually exists*. Pointing out that you're a contemptible hate-mongering liar is something else entirely."
-- Judy Stein

Meaner than a junkyard dog!

"As I noted in another post, it would appear that I give you nightmares. That could not possibly be any more satisfying to me."
-- Judy Stein

This Web site is dedicated to the charms and accomplishments of alt.meditation.transcendental's resident "Torquemada," Judith Stein, and the "Dittoheads" who support her malice and deceit in defense of the Transcendental Meditation Movement and its guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Comments and suggested material for inclusion are welcome.

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"I'm a great admirer of meaningful succinctness; it's
never been one of my strengths."
--Judy Stein

The Junkyard Dog Archives

"My arse (which is in fact rather delightful, I've been told)
is firmly planted in alt.meditation.transcendental."
--Judy Stein

"I merely point out, again, that those who say such things tend to be those who have found themselves, to their sorrow, being dissected under the microscope of my analytical abilities."
--Judy Stein

The World as Seen Through Judy's Eyes

"I have other gifts, of clarity and logic and analysis."
--Judy Stein

What Others Are Saying About the
Junkyard Dog and Her Dittoheads

Spoofs on Alt.Mediation.Transcentdental

Transcendental Meditation Miscellanea

"Words really fail me in attempting to describe the bottomless hole of Andrew's character (or perhaps I should say lack of same). 'Scum' doesn't even begin to cover it."
--Judy Stein

Information on Cults and Other Strange Folk

"In fact, one of the reasons given for charging so much was that TM wanted to establish itself as the 'Cadillac' of meditation techniques, on the asumption [sic] that if you charge less than your competition, people are going to assume you have an inferior product; if you charge more, they'll decide it must be better."
--Judy Stein


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