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Hitler, Hussein, and Milosevik on the
Path to Enlightenment, Says the 'Dormouse'

Lawson English -- alt.meditation.transcendental's resident "Dormouse" -- seems to believe that Buford O. Furrow, Slobodan Milosevik, Sadam Hussein, Adolph Hitler and Satan are all "on the path to enlightenment." He explains why in this post:

Andrew Skolnick said:

>B. Mullquist wrote:
>> In article <>,
> says...
>> >
>> >Well, if Mullquist thinks that Buford O. Furrow, Slogodan Milosevik,
>> >Sadam Hussein are on the path to enlightenment, you probably are right.
>> >
>> I think they are, and A. Hitler and Jack The Ripper and even your pit
>if you
>> happen to have one :)
>Are you serious about this, or does the :) mean you think this is funny?

If you believe in reincarnation, enlightenment, and so on, of course his
pit bull is "on the path."

Even Hitler and JTR are on the path.

Satan is "on the path."

Take a little course in comparative religions and culture, OK?


Do it before the next time* you are asked to teach a class on ethics to
students living in a radically different culture, please, for the sake of
international relations.

Lawson English. Squeak, snore, etc.
Check out

* [ Ed. Note: Andrew Skolnick never taught or was ever asked to teach a class on ethics. Lawson English gets things wrong a lot, which is why he's known as the Dormouse. ]

Originally posted as:
Re: Why Maharishi won't create Heaven on Earth
Date: 21 Aug 99 22:48:25 -0700
From: "Lawson English"
Organization: Frontier GlobalCenter Inc.
Newsgroups: alt.meditation.transcendental

Mullquist explains Jack the Ripper's sins away

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