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'Junkyard Dog' Turns on Her Own

A snarling Judy Stein suddenly turns on one of her biggest a.m.t. boosters, Lawson English. Courageously, Lawson stands his ground and scolds Judy for the unjustified attack. (Poor Lawson--Judy rarely forgives and she never forgets. As she is fond of reminding everyone, she keeps everything everyone says in her archives.)

What made her turn so viciously against her ally? He dared to post a remark critical of the Junkyard Dog:

Lawson previously posted:

REmember: Andrew started the cross-posting in order to share his zings
against Judy with fellow skeptics. Have you enjoyed his zings? Do you
think that his posturing has been any more rational than Judy's?

Judy snarled:

Lawson, do try to make sure you're actually *awake* before
writing a post. This will cut down considerably on the number of
idiocies emanating from your keyboard.

Hurting from the deep bite in his back, Lawson bravely replied:

Your posturing is irrational when it becomes the most prominent aspect,
both in article-count, and number-of-bytes-typed, of both newsgroups.
You've already become the dominant aspect of a.m.t. by responding to Andrew
and a few others with incredibly long articles. Andrew and company have
basically become the dominant focus of this newsgroup, NOT by writing the
most number of articles, but by triggering an overwhelming response on YOUR
part which has swamped all other topics and posts.

It's not as bad on sci.skeptic, but give yourself time.

THAT is where your "posturing" has become irrational. Taken individually,
while rather detailed, your posts are fine. Taken as a whole, they
overwhelm the newsgroup(s).

Shortly after this post, Barry Wright added this comment:

I posted to Judy, only a few days ago:

> Most of the TMers are too afraid of you to speak up,
> because they know what happens to those who do.

Thank you Lawson, for speaking up, and Judy, for proving my point.

Earlier in the post you said:

[interpretation of my characterization of your posts as "irrational" snipt]

> Any other meaning would amount to nothing more than one of your
> random Dormouse utterances.

And using Andrew's "Doormouse" nickname for me is just as offensive when it
comes from you as when it comes from Andrew.

Which is ANOTHER way in which your posturing has become irrational: you are
so concerned with your online image and how correct it must be in all cases
that you have started to insult anyone and everyone whom you disagree with
for any reason.

In a word [two]: lighten up.

Originally Posted:
Subject: Re: Judy Stein Vs Andrew a. Skolnick
Date: 9 Jul 1998 15:02:00 -0700
From: "Lawson English"
Organization:Primenet Services for the Internet
Newsgroups: alt.meditation.transcendental, sci.skeptic

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