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Legion Recommends a New Mantra for Judy

An amusing satire recently posted by
Legion to alt.meditation.transcendental:

Hiring, hiring, reality calling.

TMers tizzy about providing secret decoder rings to just anyone has
obscured a fundamental problem: the purity of the mantras is in doubt.

Based on vaguely recalled information provided by Judy, her mantra is
*shirim*. After she forked over one dime, large, she then received
*shri*. So her mantra became *shri shirim*.

When my British friend, Mary Poppins, received her mantra, it was
*chim*. Later she paid for *chininey*. So her mantra became *chim
chiminey*. Clearly this worked for her, because, as everyone knows,
Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way and never loses her

Obviously, Judy's mantra should be *shirim shiriminey*. Equally
obvious, *shri shirim* just isn't working for her.

As one example, Judy recently condoned book burning for anyone and
everyone whose printed ideas didn't match her idea of reality. It is
also clear that her fuzzys get all warm and moist when she contemplates
piling those books around the feet of those who disagree with her for a
grand *auto-da-fe*.

Judy is definitely not on the path to enlightenment. Unless TM has
redefined that word also. (Would TM consider Milosovic enlightened?)

What happened?

It would seem that the purity of TM teachings was lost while crossing
the Atlantic in steerage.


Once, when I rightly considered the mantras to be invocations to Hindu
deities, it *might* have been sacrilegious to use the mantras in parody.
But the TMers swear by the Hindu gods they worship, that the mantras are
just meaningless sounds. Meaningless sounds are fair game for parody,
and none should complain without first admitting their true religious
nature. Those who squeal (soo-ey) about signed documents should
remember that agreements with frauds made under fraudulent conditions
are not binding, to say the least. Those who disagree should contrast
such documents with the fraudulent, signed, documents submitted by
Chopra & co. to JAMA, which they defend to the last puja.

Chim chim cheroo,


P.S. I recall Andrew's posts about web pages devoted to Judy
Torquemadastein's assistant inquisitor. Perhaps Pee Duffy needs a

Originally posted as:
Re: US vs. UK mantras
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 03:23:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Legion)
Organization: WebTV Subscriber
Newsgroups: alt.meditation.transcendental

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