Argos, age 4 months Sasha Valentine Dog Ben Pauline Nehring with Argos, age 6 weeks. Flyball Demonstration Fly Ball Demonstration Argos Age 4 months Ben, Coco, and Jed Come With Me! Argos, age 4 weeks Wayfield's Faithful Penelope Penelope age 10 weeks Penny's Grandma Confetti Argos With Friends Wayfield's Young Argos Rudolph Fooled by Possum Playing Possum Lab Love More of Argos' friends Argos Training for His JH Title When Argos and I First Met - Argos age 28 days Argos' First Pups - 3 days old Argos Earns His AKC JD Title The Late Great Buttercup and David Luna-Lisa - Luna and Jeannine Jay Argos' First Pups at 5 Weeks Argos with Bob and Grace Georgia Georgia I'm boored sitting still like this
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