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Proud to be one of the pledgers of the more than $1.1 million prize that can be claimed by anyone able to prove the existence of any paranormal phenomenon. For more information visit the James Randi Educational Foundation Web Site and check out the latest recipients of the pigstigious Pigasus Award!

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on communicating with the once-but-no-longer living:

Special 3 1/2-minute radio report on

Jacque Benveniste's Discredited

Homeopathy Research

Featuring interviews with Dr. Jacque Benveniste,
Dr. John Maddox, Dr. Walter Stewart, and James Randi
Produced by Andrew Skolnick for American Medical Radio News

Broadcast August 1988

Hey, Dufus, did you ever stop to think why gambling casinos bar card counters, but they never bar psychics?

Hear the
"Indubitable Duarfa"
Perform "100% Accurate"
Psychic Readings Over the Phone!

From a May 6, 1986 broadcast of WGN Radio's
Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg show

Trying to snatch folly from the minds of those who are victimized by it is often like trying to snatch a chicken bone from a dog.
-- Isaac Asimov

Hear about the Only Psychics
Approved by the U.S. Government!

As advertised on WGN TV

The American Association of
Professional [real] Psychics

"Each and every one of our psychics is guaranteed authentic."

Pushpin Cults and Other Strange Phenomena

The Concise History of
4000 Years of Medicine

But it's all natural!...

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